Hello all, some of you might remember me from ch-us or cached.net or even just from playing quake 3. I used to run cached.net with cache, and towards the end he was pushing everything my way along with the backup for the demos. Well Recently I just moved and happen to find the DVD with all the demos from back then when all on one disk. I have no use for the thing now and bring it upon the community to help get these posted somewhere; so here's the skinny: I will send someone the DVD as long as they or people can vouch for the demos will be posted somehow and somewhere, this person has to live in the USA since I don't want to pay international shipping to send it. Once all is said and done there will be fresh demos from years and years ago for all to enjoy.

Either reply to this and I'll check it as often as I can to see where this will be going, or send me a message on this site and we can go from there, enjoy all. :)