Hey everyone,

I got a problem as I've googled and searched in ESR some of the people have the same issue as well.

I'm going online/offline quite a lot, it is annoying to my friends as much as annoying for me too. (They see me online/offline but I see all of them online/offline)

I get

Disconnected: 17 ConnUserDisconnected
Disconnected: 7 Connloerror

those errors in my console before going online/offline

1) Tested if my IP is changing. (NOT)
2) Tested changing my IPv4 DNS to auto/OpenDNS/GoogleDNS (None helped)
3) Opened 5222 TCP port for QuakeLive XMPP in my router (Didn't solve)
4) Checked tracert to xmpp.quakelive.com (no timeouts or anomaly in any hop)

Any suggestions?