First the announcement:
I (Belgium Romain "dem0n" Leclercq) will be attending QuakeCon 2014 and participating in the Intel® QUAKE LIVE Duel Masters Invitational Championship as well as the PCPartPicker QUAKE LIVE® Capture the Flag Open. Community favourite Switzerland Memento_Mori provided for all of my travel and hotel expenses.

But I can't go alone!

That is not all! To the people that decide to help us out we promise couple of things:

Huge thanks to you all!

Thanks to your amazing support, we have already more than met our initial goal of 500€ with a total of 1007€ worth of donations within 24 hours ! We hope to live up the to the task you guys have given us. We still welcome any future donations if you guys want to ease out our team's expenses and/or wish to benefit from our little aftermovie surprises.

Links: Donation, mIRC #exptoqcon, Facebook dem0n