Hi, as most of you probably know already, Tox manage to win the first ever Swedish Championship of Quake Live (quakesm.se). The grand final was played between Tox and Spart1e and ended 4-0.

The complete result from the final day:

1. Tox (€500)
2. Spart1e (€250)
3. Fazz (€150)
4. Purri (€100)
5-6. Stickan and Spazb0rg
7-8. Funnyb and Jewro

Aside from this, I would also want to ask you to help us to make this tournament even better next year. Please comment this post and answer these 2 simple questions, it would help us out alot!

Q1: What was good?
Q2: What could have been better?

And finally; here is a picture of the first place trophy that Tox won. It is made by the swedish artist Simon Westling.