Spotted fazz (can't really miss those glasses can you :d) in London in Bricklane/shoreditch yesterday.
Didn't want to bother him cause it would have probably been awkward.

But right after seeing him, I thought, what could it feel like, being recognized by a random on the street, for some geeky stuff.
Like "hey I know you, you're a famous quake player", you know, like people are part of some sect.
It's not like esports players are movie stars or something, but I wonder if they do get recognized, and dragged into conversations, every once in a while.

Never really bumped into "esports celebs" outside of tournaments (or at least that I don't personally know), but wonder how people react.

Hmm, I think next time I'll engage conversation and embarass the fuck out of the guy I come accross :d

PS : fazz, I hope you feel like you're being stalked now :]

TL;DR : spotted fazz in london and it felt as awkward as spotting a porn star :D