So I've been playing QL for a few months having played Q3 (RA3) and QWCA way back and then taking a number of years off...

First off I wanted to say how awesome it is that this game is still played. From lurking ESR I know it's not as active as some would like but from my perspective it's amazing that this old-ass game is still kicking, kicking HARRRD.

As someone who had zero expectations that Q3 would be any more active than QW or Q2, this is f'n incredible. The fact that (almost) weekly tourneys are streamed means there's more content than I have time to watch each week. It boggles my mind considering how long ago Q3 came out.

I wish I could've been around when QL first came out. Is someone who loves this game willing to explain how that went? Was the Q3 community giddy? Was Q3 pretty much 'dead' at the time or were there 2 camps for a while (Q3 vs QL)? Were there major bugs?

I'm not sure if a Journal is most appropriate but I have a couple questions too that I was hoping someone might take a minute to try to answer..I've started QL dueling, it's the first time dueling in my FPS career and I've got some questions about some 'features' I've seen in QL that I hadn't seen in Q3.

When did ducking while in the air start? It's been throwing me off. It seems like an advantage as it makes the model smaller, so is the idea that it makes the ducker's screen 'shift' a little when they push duck, so that's the trade off for them being harder to hit and it might throw off their own aim?

Also, what's with jumping on the lip at the top of a jump pad? I can see that it prevents you from getting so much height, but is it here to stay? Is it a bug? And does anyone have tips, like should I just tap jump as I approach, or is it fairly easy to get the timing down to only push jump once?

Lastly, I've had people disconnect mid-match, does this mean the match won't be counted on QL ranks? Is disconnecting the same as /forfeit? What if someone times out?

All for now and thanks for any insight anyone can provide.