... who got in shape :-)

So basiclly i've been trying to lose some weight lately, and got rather decent results, as i went from 85kg to 78/79 in 1,5 month, by jumping the rope, eating at least six meals a day, and doing shitload of pushups and crunches <3

I dont really think its possible to lose much more[and tbh im satisfied, as im 178cm tall], as i already grew a lot of muscles in form of bigger chest and arms due to pushups, however my tummy is very balloon like, and i would want to change it.

I know its a result of eating too much in the past, but how can i work out to nullify this? its not like i want abs, just no balloon, so it will be flat.

thx for advices, you're all faggots anyway <3

EDIT: its not fat, as im doing 30mins cardio with rope every 2 days. im just full of air

EDIT2: laim request, my menu.

I start the day with some fruits, around 8-9 am, then when i get hungry i eat some high protein breakfast[usually eggs. i love eggs]. dinners are typical polish cuisine tore into 2 meals: one around 1pm and one around 4pm. After that i eat 2 light meals, but no later than 8pm.

I do drink only water and tea. One coffee in the morning. I do not drink alcohol as much as i did in the past, but from time to time i get wasted with vodka.