Out of interest I had a look at rapha's cfg, with my keys but his visual settings. I use a modified version of stermy's settings, which is basically the default lightmap graphics with picmip 7.

Rapha's settings is a brightmap style visual with picmip 4. After switching the graphics, it feels a lot smoother on rapha's graphic settings than my own.

At first I thought there was something hidden in the config that I maybe didn't have set correctly, but after lowering the picmip on my own settings, it appears that it helps get rid of jaggered visuals when turning quickly.

I have a samsung 2233rz 120hz monitor, and playing on picmip 4 (or less) gives a more CRT style feel to playing.

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed the same effect or whether it is in my head.

The other problem is that picmip 4 makes everything butt ugly, I am not sure if I will want to play with it, but the "smoothness" is quite welcome.