CRT Fast Motion on LCD / Perfectly-Sharp Pans

Guys, if you use a new 120Hz monitor (or are considering one) to play video games a lot (and your eyes were used to a CRT before, and didn't mind it), there's now a way to shatter the LCD pixel persistence barrier! CRT quality motion in an LCD!


IMPORTANT: You need a supported 120 Hz Monitor

LightBoost HOWTO - If you own a newer-model ASUS or BENQ 120 Hz Monitor
Samsung HOWTO - If you own a newer-model Samsung 120 Hz Monitor
Media Coverage - Coverage by magazines, bloggers, pro gamers (Team Exile 5 loves LightBoost!)

There's a recent discovered tweak/adjustment for a feature originally designed for 3D (LightBoost), that has an amazing side effect of completely eliminating perceptible motion blur for 2D! You get faster reaction times in FPS games, since you can identify enemies faster during fast turns without motion blur. This high-speed video proof of pixel persistence being bypassed (1000 fps) demonstrate a specially configured LightBoost strobe backlight successfully bypassing LCD pixel persistence as the motion blur limiting factor:

The backlight is turned off while waiting for pixel transitions (unseen by human eyes), and the backlight is strobed only on fully-refreshed LCD frames (seen by human eyes). The strobes can be shorter than pixel transitions, breaking the pixel persistence barrier!

These nVidia LightBoost backlights are normally used to brighten 3D Vision images, but they were discovered to have a side effect of eliminating motion blur even for 2D! As a result, many video gamers have started forcing LightBoost in 2D mode (even without the 3D glasses) to get the zero motion blur benefit.

PixPerAn Tests on BENQ XL2411T and ASUS VG278H

baseline - 60 Hz mode (16.7ms frame samples)
50% less motion blur (2x clearer) - 120 Hz mode (8.33ms frame samples)
60% less motion blur (2.4x clearer) - 144 Hz mode (6.94ms frame samples)
85% less motion blur (7x clearer) - 120 Hz LightBoost, set to 100% (2.4ms frame strobe flashes)
92% less motion blur (12x clearer) - 120 Hz LightBoost, set to 10% (1.4ms frame strobe flashes)

NOTE: You can also turn on/off the CRT-style LightBoost strobe backlight mode, whenever you don't want it. Manufacturers should make it better advertised for motion blur, and easier to turn on/off!



Several articles just appeared over the last few weeks -- and a few reviewers (e.g. are now including testing of LightBoost in their next monitor reviews.

TechNGaming Review Article
Link: Eliminate Motion Blur While Gaming With nVidia LightBoost!

3D Vision Blog
Link: Taking Advantage of the Lightboost Technology for 2D 120Hz Gaming
Link: Calibrating Picture of Lightboost For Better Color

PC Games Hardware (German gaming magazine)
Link: Nvidia Lightboost Strobe Hack (mentions the LightBoost effect)
Link: Asus VG248QE Monitor Review

Team Exile 5 (Professional sponsored competition gamers!)
Link: nVidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti and nVidia LightBoost Technology

More need to begin coverage of these amazing modern strobe backlights, beginning with their next testing article! Some professional gamers (e.g. Team Exile 5) are endorsing it now. The lack of motion blur provides a reaction time advantage, because you can see everything clearly during fast motion, allowing you to react to enemies faster in online fast-action FPS games. Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 3, Counter Strike, Quake Live, etc.


Gaming Styles That Benefit

Example of fast game play styles that benefit from zero motion blur:
-- Fast 180-degree flick turns in FPS shooting, great for Quake Live
-- Shooting while turning, without stopping turning (easier on CRT or LightBoost)
-- Close-up strafing, especially circle strafing, you aim better.
-- Running while looking at the ground (e.g. hunting for tiny objects quickly).
-- Identifying multiple far-away enemies or small targets, while turning fast
-- Playing fast characters such as "Scout" in Team Fortress 2
-- High-speed low passes, such as low helicoptor flybys in Battlefield 3, you aim better.

For a long time, some gamers have noticed that CRT 60fps@60Hz still has less motion blur than LCD 120fps@120Hz. Not anymore: The CRT-quality perfect motion now available on LightBoost LCD displays, is a huge benefit for those gamers who have played on a CRT for a long time, and have never found a "good enough LCD" without motion blur.


Forum Buzz

There are many testimonials on many forums at the moment, so there's been many, many reports from enthusiac video gamers. It does not benefit other usage much (e.g. programming, web design, PhotoShop), but if you're a big time gamer who have used CRT's, then LightBoost is finally making some CRT die-hard's happy:
original post (Transsive)
Then yesterday I, for some reason, disabled the 3d and noticed there was no ghosting to be spotted at all in titan quest. It's like playing on my old CRT.
original post (Inu)
I can confirm this works on BENQ XL2420TX
EDIT: And OMG i can play scout so much better now in TF2, this is borderline cheating.
original post (TerrorHead)
Thanks for this, it really works! Just tried it on my VG278H. Its like a CRT now!
original post (Vega)
Oh my, I just got Skyrim AFK camera spinning (which I used to test LCD's versus the [Sony CRT] FW900) to run without stutters and VSYNC locked to 120. This Benq with Lightboost is just as crystal clear if not clearer than the FW900 motion. I am in awe. More testing tomorrow. Any of my doubts about this Lightboost technology have been vaporized! I've been playing around with this fluid motion on this monitor for like 6-hours straight, that is how impressive it is.
OCN post (Baxter299)
way to go vega enjoyed your review and pics ..thanks for taking the time .got my VG248QE last friday .replacing my fw900 witch is finally taking a rest in my closet .
OCN post (Romir)
Thanks for the timely review Vega.
I went ahead and opened mine and WOW, it really does feel like my FW900. I haven't tried a game yet but it's down right eerie seeing 2d text move without going blurry.
QuakeLive forum post (Cat)
With my Asus VG278HE at 120Hz and Lightboost (the Lightboost registry hack doesn't currently support 144Hz) playing at 1080p I am pretty much brutalizing my competition. Even with its 2-5ms input lag, which is worse than the 1ms of my old 120Hz monitor the difference with Lightboost is so huge the input lag literally becomes a non-issue. The only thing that matters now that I don't experience any motion blur is my true reaction time.
The FW900 is a famous 24" widescreen CRT that has been a long-time favourite of CRT die-hards. If you were used to CRT gaming in the past -- and is very sensitive to motion blur -- the motion blur problem has now been fully solved on these LightBoost monitors!

Even pro competition gamers such as Team Exile 5 likes LightBoost, see Team Exile 5's review and their YouTube video. There's other reviewers and articles too.

One warning though, you do need a very powerful GPU capable of running at 120fps@120Hz, or you don't get the full benefits of LightBoost during video games. And yes, it's TN color quality, not as good as IPS color quality. But again, we're talking about the best possible motion clarity here! And for users who need that!


List of Supported 120 Hz Computer Monitors

Asus monitors: VG248QE, VG278H, VG278HE (LightBoost instructions)
BENQ monitors: XL2411T, XL2420T, XL2420TX, XL2720T (LightBoost instructions)
ACER monitors: HN274H (LightBoost instructions)
Samsung monitors: 700D, 750D, 950D (Alternate HOWTO)
If you are buying today (March 2013), get the LightBoost monitors, far less input lag than Samsung.
For other displays, see List of 120Hz and 144Hz Computer Monitors

Blur Busters Blog -- -- blog about eliminating motion blur on LCD's.


Stability Fix & VSYNC OFF

This is important for convenience, after following the LightBoost instructions:

TIP: Improving Convenience, Stability & Eliminating “Control+T”:
Once you’ve verified LightBoost works (Step 12), and the registry tweak was already installed (Step 4), you can make LightBoost “stick” by going to nVidia Control Panel and disabling “Enable Stereoscopic 3D” (clear the checkbox in Step 8). If the screen did not flicker when doing this, LightBoost is still enabled even after disabling 3D!
– Games launch in 2D without needing Control+T
– Driver stability is improved in this mode, less freezing occurs.
-- VSYNC OFF now works much more reliably, reducing input lag, fps higher than Hz.
(Note: Some games may automatically switch resolutions; make sure it stays at 120 Hz)
Occasionally (only on some troublesome systems), certain games such as Battlefield 3 insist on switching to a non-LightBoost compatible refresh rate. This can be overriden by using ToastyX's Custom Resolution Utility, deleting the EDID extension block, deleting other 1920x1080 refresh rates, and adding a 1920x1080 120Hz refresh rate containing a Vertical Total of 1149. This will force stubborn games to always use LightBoost in a stable manner (assuming you've also followed the above tip, too).