Today is the day! After a couple of months of hardcore development a new release is coming out. The objective of the release was to give the community what it was asking for and stabilize the platform as a first step to get out of beta. We think we achieved at least a first step towards this objective and are eagerly looking forward to your feedback.

FACEIT Monthly Ladders
After hearing your requests for additional features around pick up games (“Quick Matches”) we decided to introduce a monthly ladder. In order to rank in the ladder you need to play Pick up matches on FACEIT. Points will be given out after each match depending on your level, the level of your opponent and the outstanding bonus pool.

This feature will open on Thursday 14 March at 13:00 CDT. Initially ladder games will be limited to the time frame between 13:00 CDT and 19:00 CDT everyday. This timeframe will increase depending on the usage levels we’ll record and feedback from the community.

At the end of each month the top players of the ladder will win prizes and the ladder rankings will be reset to create a new challenge in the month to come.

Please note that as part of this change we had to drop the Series tournaments. All players that were currently in series tournaments will see their money credited to their accounts and won’t be able to access these tournaments anymore.

Links: FACEIT // mIRC #FACEIT, Facebook FACEITCommunity, Twitter @FACEIT