I write this journal with bleary eyes, nausea and a splitting headache. A successful Saturday night all round.

Gamescom is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space. I mean Gamescom. My hotel is pretty close the South entrance, but it's a long hike to get to each hall. Publishers are showing off new games as you'd expect and the audience are lapping it up. I'm not all that interested in seeing game trailers so I skip most of the halls and march off in search of Carmac.

The ESL area of Hall 9 is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely... well you get the idea. I arrive fairly early at 10am but the League of Legends audience has already packed out every seat of their stage two hours before the first game is due to start. Esports seems to have gone mental here. I have watched LoL in the past but I don't really get it. I have to figure that non-Quakers watching Quake feel the same way. Next door to League of Legends is the Starcraft 2 stage. While I know very little about SC2 at least it's slightly familiar, so I sidle over to a more comfortable game. The stage configuration is good. Players wear in-ear headphones and construction headphones on top to isolate themselves from the commentary. The commentators are at the back of the audience to create some atmosphere when their camera is on. I like the way they have two tag-teams of commentantators to keep the energy up. The audience seem to love the whole show.

As the crowd part Carmac finally appeared.

The guy is basically running the IEM now. And yea he's still Carmac, at least to me because I still haven't figured out how to pronounce Michal. Is it Mi-kal? Michael? Carmac is easier. He conducts the activities on stage, back stage and in the commentary area while at the same time stopping to catch up the last 5 years with me, and also threatening judo chops to spectators trying to break into the booth to touch their hero casters. Carmac is good at his job.

And more familiar faces appear. Two of them gurn against the back of the commentary booth glass.

It's no surprise to find Redeye hosting some stage activity - really good to see Paul again - but it's awesome to meet Jarett from Pure Pwnage. The book I'm writing has some roots in the Pure Pwnage mythology. Serious. I didn't spend all that much time with him but first impressions are that he's open, friendly and very likable.

I'm still looking for 2GD. Finding Harding is hard. He's ignoring my phone I think. I recognise a few people in the press area and say hi to Gonzo from Heaven Media, who gives me some pointers on catching a Jay. Then I spot Hellspawn who offers some more clues. Something about 2GD being in the hospital with broken balls. Not sure what to make of that. Then I get Trance's number to finally discover that they're still in the hotel and 2GD is asleep. It's late afternoon now so that's impressive. I give up the hunt and go off to finally do some business.

Back now to Hall 8 for the ESL Party and a British table quickly appears where I meet Redeye, Odee and various other people with names I can't hear over the music. And lo he appears all Jesus-like, apart from the booze and fags.

Can finally talk about how Quake > * for a little while with Trance and also Stermy who seems to be moving and shaking in Italy. I look sad.

And photo overload as Griff arrives. Quake players will rule the world one day.

I'm still a little sad that only a few people know who I am. Hey don't judge, I'm just spoiled from going to a lot of events where everyone recognises me. To combat this one of the Dota players decides to tell everyone I'm Icefrog and that I invented Dota. Is fun for a while, but Trance wants to ditch the party and find another place in the city instead.

Much drinking, dancing, indoor smoking (oh how I miss indoor smoking), outdoor kebab and taxi riding later and I'm back to the hotel to watch the sunrise. I can't be sure but I think I've only slept about 3 hours. Was a good night, a judo hold being the only thing missing.