My SteelSeries 4HD is worn out, and in certain spots have turned glossy. This is a combo of it wearing out, plus being so rough that it actually makes the teflon from my mouse feet/discs transfer to the pad.

Plus the pad is just too rough. It completely kills your mouse feet. Not only that, I've already gone through 20 teflon mouse discs with it.

Anyway, I'm thinking of getting an I-2. It really appeals to me because of it's low lift off distance (LOD) and the smoothness of it - i.e. not destroying my mouse feet, and the durability.

Has anyone use this mousepad with the G400? How is the tracking with a G400 or similar mouse?

I hear the lift off distance is extremely low with this mousepad, which is great for me since I lift a lot. Does the white version have a lower LOD then the black version?

Also, does the black version track any better than the white version?

I think I'm going to get some CS Hyde Teflon Mouse Tape to preserve the mouse feet on my G400. I heard this tape works good on the I-2. Anyone have any experience with it or other teflon tape/discs/feet?

tl;dr -
1. Is it smooth?
2. Will it preserve your mouse feet?
3. How durable is it?
4. Does it work well w/ the G400?
5. Does the black version track better then the white version?
6. Does the white version have lower lift off distance?
7. How low is the lift off distance in general?

Thanks in advance.