op updated: sept.5

https://www.facebook.com/PainkillerGame - place to get a key, read posts etc...
http://www.painkillergame.com - official forums
http://steamcommunity.com/groups/pkhddm - stream group for finding deathmatch partners

from their fb page:

- A modern remake of the Classic shooters, Painkiller and Battle Out Of Hell
- 14 adrenaline filled levels, including 4 Boss levels
- Over 30 of the nastiest, darkest creatures from Hell
- Devastating and unique arsenal of weapons
- Singleplayer and Co-operative Campaigns spread across 4 Chapters
- PvP and PvE Multiplayer modes
- The soundtrack is forged in the same furnace as the weapons: heavy metal
- Powered by Unreal Engine 3®
- Steamworks fully integrated

Anti-Features (you know… the ones that make life EASY):
- NO Kill-streak bonuses or airstrikes
- NO auto-heal
- NO AK-47, NO M16 or that sort of sh*t; just a healthy dose of .666 calibre weapons!

More to be announced!

current mutliplayer modes:

survival is an ffa kind of mode where players also fight against mob and each other.

there is only 2 maps for dm: unseen, and unseen HD (i guess upcoming maps also will have HD version), the opera level for survival, and the cemetery level for co-op. it def. has casual appeal.


multiplayer gameplay videos: (movement & weapons)

first tricking video by mousestar:



config guide: http://www.tweakguides.com/UT3_1.html - skip the idiot part and get to the point from page 7 (adv. tweaking). if u wanna know what u do read from page 5.

from what i figured out, to the console:
show postprocess - huge fps boost
show levelcoloration - picmip kinda thing, has effect on enemymodel too unfortunately
show fog - even more fps boost in single player

setsensitivity - mouse sens

from beta forum:

Q (random user): I just got a beta key and I can't wait to install and test the game out.

I personally have my PK experience from the esports side of the game in the original PK. I'm curious as to how deep Nordic is willing to go with supporting this game for esports from two point of views: the gameplay side and the monetary side (i.e., supporting leagues financially, providing servers, etc.)

For gameplay:
- Will the game feature brightskins as default for multiplayer pvp?
- Will there be in-game stat tracking where players can see their career stats?
- Will there be in-game ladders/seasons/leagues/divisions like Starcraft 2?
- Will maps be easily modifiable from weapon placement, powerup placement, etc?
- Will there be an in-game demo recorder for future playback?
- Will there be an in-game spectator mode for people who want to shoutcast matches and stream them live?

A (farm51 developer) :Most of the things you mention are already in-game (not everything accessible in Beta version) or planned. We'll be updating Beta but to make PKHD something more noticeable on pro-gaming scene, you guys need to play game also after release and communicate about profiling it toward the skillfull players

source: : http://forum.nordicgames.at/showthread.php?17...Discussion


Changelog Beta Update August 6th
● lighting on Opera Level
● lack of explosion particle effects in MP
● several bugs related to to joining MP servers
● smoothness of player animations in multiplayer
● several game save small bugs fixed

● Player movement physics in MP is again closer to original PK controls
● Server list in Join Game MP menu is wider and displays additional information about the available servers (number of players, type of game)
● Brightskins in MP shader improved
● Rebalance of Soulcatcher ammo on Cemetery level
● Feedback forum link in main menu is working
● AI improvements - they don’t run in straight lines colliding with each other
● Some FX and AI animation smoothness improvements
● Demon Mode - visual warning added when you collect 64 and 65 souls and are close to starting Demon Mode

Know Issues
● Using Brightskin option in Survival MP mode makes all the monsters display colored (bug)
● When leaving the game exiting to desktop (Esc in Main Menu) game often crashes


Update 16th of August 2012:

- start screen with game logo added
- options in menu like Brightness, Mouse Sensitivity, Invert Y Axis, Dynamic Lights are working
- new blood particles and decals
- multiplayer skins are available and working (Daniel, Eve, Monk, Hellangel)
- weapon tweaking (i.e. stakegun pins enemies often) and physics balancing
- AI improved (i.e. enemies can destroy objects objects to get to player)
- several optimizations and stability bug fixes both in single and multi


Update 5th of September 2012:
- Survival map SV-Atrium Complex
- Deathmatch map DM-Cursed HD
- Singleplayer/coop map SP-Trainstation
- New weapons on SP-Trainstation
- New characters on SP-Trainstation and SV-Atrium Complex
● Menu/GUI improved, more config options available
● Another round of optimization
● Level graphics detailed
● AI adjustments
● Several multiplayer stability and performance issues fixed