DreamHack Summer 2012 is getting closer by the minute and the absolute highlight for all things Quake is of course The Kingston Quake Live Summer Championship taking place at DreamHack Summer 2012 16-19 June at Elmia, Jönköping Sweden. Today we are very happy to present the second batch of players that are ready to fight for the 70 000 SEK prize purse.

Today we welcome Sweden madix, Lithuania GUard, Netherlands Sc00t, Netherlands Weird, Netherlands draven, Spain p0ni, Poland matr0x, Germany k1llsen and Russia Cooller to DreamHack and Kingston Quake Live Summer Championship. Don't forget that the best games will be live streamed in high definition by Level Up TV on Twitch.TV for all you quakers not able to attend on location. It's not too late to apply, we have 16 more spots to hand out in the tournament.

Questions? Send a mail to [email protected]

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