Yesterday the first of two Qualifier Cups for the Duel tournament at DreamHack Winter 2011 was played. Just before the tournament started we decided to announce three invites on IRC to open up the increase the chance of up and coming players attending at DreamHack.
That means that Belarus Cypher (Defending Champion), Poland av3k and France strenx was invited before the cup started.
The tournament was ran by ZOTAC and with some interesting and perhaps upset matches we had our two first invites. strenx finished first with 3 straight maps vs Poland Pawelek (aka matr0x). Pawelek had some tough games before the final game but beating players like cypher and reload.

Since strenx already was invited an invite opened up for the players playing the semifinal and quarterfinals. We decided that Germany reload should receive the second invite because of some impressive play and he was as close as it possibly can be to qualify to DreamHack Summer 2011.

I know more teams did sign up for the TDM. If you sent an e-mail to esport [at] but wasn't on this list come and talk to blaze in mIRC #Dreamhack.Quake.

See attached files for rules. Some changes was made.
Links: Dreamhack TDM, DreamHack Duel, ZOTAC #107 Brackets - mIRC #Dreamhack.Quake