Hey folks. United States of America GreasedScotsman here. After the successful planning, management and production of QuakeCon 2011 coverage, I've decided to take a break from broadcasting for the next month or so, perhaps longer, though I may reappear for special events like 2GD's World Tour (described during OneMoreGame/LiveOnThree 08-03-11).

QuakeCon 2011 was an amazing adventure. Thirteen people were responsible for the production and coverage. After last year's clusterfuck where we stepped up to the plate after expecting to play a secondary role to LiveOnThree, lacking equipment and time to plan anything, we knew we had much to prove.

We made a conscious decision to not hype up what we had planned and we chose to not go as "QLTV" but as the "QuakeCon Coverage crew." In hindsight, I know a lot of people literally missed the live stream because of this lack of press. Thankfully, though, we have 720p VODs available on YouTube of all of our content.

Recapping the Cluster
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