Only a few days after the end of the action, United States of America GreasedScotsman has made available all the demos collected from the QuakeCon 2011 Quakelive Duel and TDM tournaments. For now, they're not on the official website, but on Belgium Trance's webspace along with plenty of other events' demos.

Also, the man from started to upload the official VODs on the YouTube channel of the 2011 convention. All of them should be available tonight.

I prepared a coverage post with all the duel and TDM results with links to the demos and known VODs (no result spoilers). And also some more links to galleries and interviews.

Thanks to the QuakeCon 2011 staff and the streaming staff for the good coverage!

Links: Demos, Official VODs - Duel demos/VODs/results, TDM demos/VODs/results