Yesterday on Next Evolution's website was announced the recruitment of a Quakelive squad. Sweden Sebastian "spart1e" Siira and France Kévin "strenx" Baéza are now the two quake duelist who will represent nevo, starting with QuakeCon 2011 in United States of America Dallas! The manager for these two players will be Ukraine Dmitriy "nicerdicer" Khorev, who's also the admin of the JeeSports quake cups.

The announcement also tells us that strenx will be going in Ukraine Kiev in a few days to boot-camp with the likes of Cypher and av3k. And maybe to play the ASUS Summer 2011 from there. For spart1e, the training plan remains unknown so far.

It was not a secret that Fnatic wouldn't send the two players to QuakeCon and lost interest in Quakelive after the games announcement for the new Intel Extreme Masters season. They also made an announcement to say goodbye to their quakers yesterday.

Next Evolution is a rather new structure in the world of e-sports, their website was just launched a month ago and this is their first Quakelive section. Props to United Kingdom Zac "IMaG" Bell for stepping up in the Quake world in these not so bright days.

Update: The head manager of NeVo has been AFK for 2 weeks and someone decided to "close" the team. Now, spart1e will attend QuakeCon 2011 with his own money (or not) and strenx re-joined Fnatic.

Announcements: Next Evolution, Fnatic