Apparently, the controller for the new wii can be used to play the game itself (through some kind of wireless streaming method). Couldn't the same technology be applied to PC's, thus allowing you to play PC games on your TV without hooking them up with wires? Maybe that technology is just what PC gaming needs to draw people away from consoles.

Think about it... your PC is wherever it is, but you can still play PC games on your TV (from wherever your TV is, within reasonable distance of course). What point would there then be to buy consoles when you can simply use a PC you already own?

The main gripe people have with PC gaming, is that they can't sit on their couches and play on their HD flatscreens. If the PC is hooked up to the TV wirelessly, and by using whatever control peripheral one prefers, the primary obstacle is eliminated and the secondary is irrelevant. Of course, people can already hook their PC's up to their TV's, but that would limit the conventional usage of a PC or require the purchase of multiple PC's. The wireless mechanism in the Wii U would completely solve those problems.