It is quite a long time since Intel Extreme Masters hit Germany Hanover at its World Finals and you have seen for sure a lot of interviews and movies from this great event. Also Czech expedition was at CeBIT and here are some of our movies we took with some of our stars.

I would like to start with Germany unHuman, really great German guy that did a lot of stuff for Quake community and we took a bright look to history of Quake and also think about its future. Check this out.

Our Interview session continued with other famous German players and local stars. For the first time we asked Germany K1llsen about his game and also checked Germany calipt, awarded as Intruder of the Year. Naja, Natürlich

With second multi-chat we hit Polish Powa, Poland neo of Frag eXecutors and Poland Av3k, who - unfortunately - wasn't able to find his aggressive game style in Hanover. Polski Rozmowa

We can't of course miss Master of Lightening, and my big favorite, France mr.strenx, to watch some demos and also ask about his secret stren-eX alter ego. Trrrrrrrrrrr

Second place was achieved by Beast from East, Russia Cooller. We tried to solve some high difference and aimed our questions to his opponents and future plans. I'am TALKING iT!

Winner of Global Finals and second time Champion of Quake Live, was United States of America rapha. We can't forget to ask some question to this great person of gaming and best Quake Live player of the World as well. Buffed, Beautiful and Bitchin'

I would like to thanks this way to all players for such a great event and I wish all participating players good luck and fun at Italy Stermy's LAN starting on 31st March.

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