New hitboxes are just ridiculous 'cuz this still doesn't solve the rockets problem, it actually makes everything worse since now you can't even aim with LG,(rockets flick you up in the air so fast and if you're standing near any solid object the splash damage just destroys you.) at first when you think about it...well bigger hitboxes better shaft, ass!! Shaft is better yes, but only if the enemy lacks rocket launcher.. Now every pro duel will be 0-0 for 20+ minutes..
And SG was just fine in TDM(the nerfed version), I haven't tried it yet(the new one:P) but it just doesn't sound nice.

iD is just trying soo hard to make QL more newb-friendly just to get more subscribers and eventually money..It's just retarded..

In 1-2 years i see only 10 year old kids playing QL since they won't mind about gameplay and they will all have PRO subscribtion afcource..(mom can i get PRO subscribtion for QL??? Sure honey!! And look what i also bought for you...French fries and few burgers..FFS) Keep it up iD!!

Anyway, does anyone agree that rockets should be slower.. Like they were in Q3?? If not. why? And i think old hitboxes were fine..Everything like it was before the last "down"date and slower rockets would be fine i think. Your thoughts?