Another frankensteinmouse thread :)

To start of I could never find the right fit, either the sensor was perfect but shape really bad (Razer) or the shape was superb and the sensor utterly crap (steelseries.)

So what to do - Give birth to kinzuadder, a kinzu with deathadder electronics. The mouse the kinzu should have been from start imo.

Here we go:
Razer DA electronics

das kinzu

kinzu internals

Woa, Razer DA lens fits perfectly.
Now gotta thrash some plastic to make room + make new holding spots.

New pcb mounting spots made from old kinzu mountingspots - Cut down a bit + superglued.

Kinzu button/scroll pcb + deathadder lens.
Deathadder pcb goes 0.5cm + where the lens ends, so gotta make room for it somehow.

kinzu button/scroll pcb
- YES, exactly same scroll mechanism. So kinzu scroll/button pcb can be soilderd straight onto razer DA main pcb without any effort.

kinzu buttonboard cut to make space for DA pcb.
(This much aint really needed, if you want dpi button as thumpbutton u can just cut a milimeter or two and have button remaining.

sex change complete

Bottom fitted

Went this far, so why not give it a bit of white paint?
ready for filler / primer



Weight complete with cabel: 107g
with most of cable of the scale: 79g

Good shape, no negative accel, no positive accel, low! liftof and superb malfunction speed.

Cons: Probably the most expensive mouse I've ever had, had to get 2 to get 1 :(