Scheduled: 18:00 CST, 25 January 2011 to 20:00 CST, 25 January 2011
Schedule: Passed

Update: VOD of the show is now up.

Live On Three #68 with djWHEAT, Slasher & SirScoots is tonight with a recap of the ESL IEM European Championships. I have made the rounds and can happily say we are fortunate enough to bring on the three champions in Quake Live, Starcraft 2 & CS 1.6 even as the early morning hours hit. First time and long-awaited Quake Live champion Anton "Cooller" Singov, Sweden's continued dominance in SC2 with Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi, and fnatic's Patrik "cArn" Sättermon showing what a leader is capable of.

GSL S4 Finals:
- Preview and predictions of the S4 Grand Finals between MVP and MarineKing, the first GSL Terran champion.
- Recap of the Ro4 and Ro8 - IdrA & Jinro foreigner losses, NaDa gets swept, NesTea the last Zerg hope goes down.
- What four foreigners should go to Code A for S5?

News includes:
- Danish CS 1.6 player assault by Ukranian police at IEM, forced bribery with police (
- Controversy hits Quake Live in Cooller/strenx semifinal with lag issues 2 minutes in the fifth map, the power cutting out, and now an infamous 27-second replay. (
- Grubby rumored to leave EG for Chinese team to play WC3 in China instead of SC2 (
- ESEA Founder Craig Levine confirms SC2 finals for it's inaugural season will be held online, not at their Dallas LAN (

Show starts at 7 PM EST/01:00 CET and can be seen live at