The Dreamhack admins have taken a liking to the idea of having a ql4v4 TDM tourney being played along with the Duel tournament, similar to what Quakecon has done the past few years, but with TDM instead.

Most of the top teams are already on board if it really happens and even an US mix-team is not unlikely. We have gotten a go ahead from the head admins ponderosa/greykarn to gauge the interest. We would like any team who would seriously attend this event to contact either me, Sweden tyba1t or Austria noctis on Quakenet (mIRC #reason-gaming) and let us know if you would attend this event.

The tournament would be held at Dreamhack Summer in Jonkoping, Sweden mid June - official announcement to be expected soon. The more interest the more chance that this will happen. It would not be a BYOC event, tournament PCs will be provided.