Wednesday will see the first games of the 2nd Playday in the IEM5 European Championship. As usual, ESL TV will be covering 2 matches on the evening, starting at 16:00 CDT: France winz vs Germany k1llsen and Sweden madix vs Belgium dem0n. Note that a few matches from Playday 1 still remains to be played.

Also, the Belarus Cypher Marathon will take place in the early evening as the Belarus player will play 3 of his matches on a proper internet connection from Ukraine Kiev. From 12:30 CDT, he will play against madix, dem0n and Iceland serak. We encourage streamers who are interested to contact us!

Last but not least, the top2 players from the Last³ Qualifier have been added to the roster: Poland Robert "tox1c" Kopczynski will replace fox in group F and Lithuania Viaceslavas "fire_bot" Duk will take DAXIO's slot in group C.

Streams: ESL TV, Level Up TV, SeriousTV, Ukraine, Russia GG
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