after a few days of it after 7 odd years of calling it crap :

bash linux here :

add the nvidia repository :

protocol : http
server :
directory : /opensuse/11.3

and install the det drivers for your card, and still have some firework screensaver slowdown

use windows, unless q4 uses driver devel, ati dump somewhere

sysconf=opengl:[ whatever the nerds do ]

coders need to be able to call the lib used, if all driver dev are based on mesa thats used for software rendering, all function etc inside remain the same for a few years, then the rest will follow

and whats the point in user and group management if it does`nt actually work, when linux think its all network, add yourself to the root/root group and you still have to use sudo

steal windows profile setup and fetch chmod from group, added to the folders etc

all window borders in gnome are 7px big, instead of 2 or 3, and all of the 30 downloadable themes are rubbish

few plugins for xchat to make it like mirc but none have gui`s,

theres no way to add a "start menu" panel if you delete them all without messing around or a install if you cant be bothered

icons on panels are all random size, making your desktop look shit

most of the apps you can download are crap and theres only a few