Because the skill match mostly don't work, here's a short list of players which are above skill 5. I said medium player=skill 5, pro player =7, so these are al between 5-6 and 7 (5-6=between 5 and 6, so they are a bit better than medium players)

Note: this list don't intend to offend anyone, and it might be innapropriate in some cases, as it has just some orientation value, so you know who you are dealing with; I did just some research into people's stats, considered their opponents and aiming stats on duels, sure thing I did ommit a lot of good players, and everyone can create a new user nowaday, guys with 3 -4 matches I did not even count
So here's the list, which I will edit when I will have the time to look for more players:

Nauru ? (South Pacific): depresja (5-6)
Venezuela ? lol: IntoThinAir (5-6)

my skills:
4-5 on dm6
5-6 on t4

countries with no players means I did not look for, not that they don't have any good players
[edit: thanks to Terifire and KekS for their contribution on the aspect of the list and everyone who mentioned more names]