Scheduled: 19:00 BST, 13 August 2009 to 00:00 BST, 16 August 2009
Schedule: Passed

The QuakeCon 2009 QuakeLive tournaments are now over! Watch out for links to demos and VoDs in a few days.
Thanks to QuadV/Lo3 for the live streaming and comments!

VODS: - Demos: hf sorting that mess / on ESR
Useful links: Tournaments Page (Brackets: Duel, CTF) / / Official schedule
Interviews: by Dird (fazz, Chance, link1n), by fnatic (spart1e), by nineX (icel0re, DKT), by derQuaker (k1llsen)
Coverage:, QuakeUnity, Flickr Gallery, fnatic, SK, TEK9, myEG