The second season of the UK's Premier League of eSports - the ESL Pro Series - hots up with the UK's first ever Intel Friday Night Game! From 13:30 CDT onwards on Thursday* 30th April, a number of the UK's best teams and players will play a match from the ESL Pro Series matches live:
CSS Counter-Strike: Source: fm!toxic vs 4Kings (13:30 CDT)
tmn Trackmania Nations Forever: Nemesis vs Xephyr (14:30 CDT)
CoD4 Call of Duty 4: tba (15:30 CDT)
Q3 Quake 3: ddk vs GaRpY (16:30 CDT)
Your hosts for the event will be none other than James "2GD" Harding and Joe Miller. If you can't make it to the event then you can watch it live and free on ESL TV.

Update: Q3 will not be streamed, but GTV will be organised and posted here!

The event will take place at TEN Squared (which has a bar!) in central London. Doors open at 6pm, there is no entry fee and the first 100 visitors get 2 free drinks (yes, real drinks, alcohol!).

For more information visit the official iFNG London event page

* Yes, we know it looks strange calling it an Intel Friday Night Game on a Thursday, but Intel Friday Night Game is an established brand. You can lulz now.