Hey guys. I just had to make a forum post to tell anyone who cares that i have to leave quake forever. Some very bad things are happening in real life right now and it can't be helped. There is 0% chance that i will be able to quake again. So i might as well rap it all up here and now.

I've played quake 1/2/3/ and even quake live. And these were some of the best times i've ever had.

Heres some aliases for you all.

Q1 clan arena/dm - c1nd3r

Q2 RA2 - Volvagia

Q3 OSP - Marshmallow / Dr1fter

Q3 CPMA - d1sciple / sinoxy / pete /

Quake Live - Century / JLJLJLJLJL / c1nd3r

My shout outs go to clan knightmare (icefist /oblivion911/ watcha/ xisangry / xzist / flame / klown / ryan)

Also my quake 3 buds marcus /walter /khalil / sandwich / hassan / doug
(sorry for fucking with you so much marcus)

Anyway its been the best . Quake forever!

P.S HIBRIA RULES and butcher sux a fat one