Magnus "fox" Olsson is a household name in the competitive Quake community and for that reason I chose to ask him the most extensive interview he has ever done, due to its size we had to split it up in five parts. Of those five, the first one (dealing with his personal life and his roots in Quake 3 TDM) has been released just now on the LowLandLions website.

To make it more interesting for all of you, we chose to link some interesting prizes to the interview series as well. Each week we release a new part as well as a new question about Magnus Olsson. Those that know him best (and subsequently did the best when answering those five questions) will be rewarded with one of the following prizes:
1. Radeon HD 4850 (RV770PRO)
2. GeIL Evo One DDR2 (4GB)
3. Sennheiser HD515 Headphones
The interview as well as the full details concerning the competition can be found on the aforementioned link.