After looking through Zanno's old journal "Internet Girlfriend" I noticed some old comments from me. Some guy brought up religion which just pissed me off and made me think irrationally. Needless to say I do not get into conversations about religion anymore. Another thing that struck me was that some guy said I was irritating. Well... I probably was, but it wasn't as bad as I was in the past when I was still a teenager.

If I go back to 2002/2003 and look at my old journals or comments I just get one feeling, CRINGE.

How was I ever like that? Does anyone else look back and think "Fuck I was stupid back then"? I suppose it is the lack of dealing with people different to you, or just all round world experience. Or maybe, it's just the maturity we gain as we grow older. I could be more willing to accept I might be wrong than I used to be, or maybe I just can't be arsed to argue with a freaking idiot because I realised you just can't make them see.

Well hopefully I am less irritating than I was before, I certainly comment less. Anyway... it could just be the psycadelics.

Also brought up in Zanno's journal was the mention of my slovakian pen pal. We did meet in England (Wales actually) and decided to do the whole long distance thing. It's gone quite well and we met later again in Prague in February, and she's arriving in Cape Town on Saturday to stay for 2 months, which will be fun. (We are also both studying in Italy next year.)

Even though this has gone quite well, I don't think I will ever get involved in another long distance relationship, even with the new technologies we have on hand. You get frustrated and lose interest, you run out of things to talk about and if you talk about serious issues it can leave a very negative feeling on the relationship, even when that feeling probably wouldn't happen if you had those discussions in person. Of course, we are both quite busy, her with her studies and I'm working like a dog (Do dogs work?) so I guess in an individual way it's been very good for us. (I'm still very excited for her to arrive :) )