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He's been in the game for 5 years, and after being asked time after time when he finally was going to release his movie, That day has finally arrived.

Maikel "juncie" Mooten in cooperation with Nizou is proud to present to you: Random Spam

Playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein since the demo version, meaning he's been playing the game for a solid 5 years,mostly playing as Soldier with the heavy-weapon Panzerfaust. He's known from teams such as Saints Gaming, SDI-Angels, cAdacus, uQ and most recently one.soldier, who are still playing after victory at cpc2 in Enschede.

Quote: juncie
"It didn't look like there was going to be a movie about my frags for a long while, and I wasn't really bothered about one when I lost alot of demos after a format, demos from 2002 till late 2005 were all gone, luckily I saved a handfull of those on cd. Several movie makers did an attempt at it but didn't finish it (pssst crmbs :p) but in the end it all worked out, thanks to Nizou who did a great job with it, making a 16 minute long movie with solid panzershots."

#stfu? @ Qnet // Nizou
#onesoldier @ Qnet // one-juncie