While this is an offtopic to gaming i just changed my avatar back to my danish flag which is getting burned along with the danish, norwegian, swedish and even chiles embassy throughout the islamic countrys.
What bothers my pride and makes me a bit "racist" is the fact that i never posted any pictures of any prophet and i didnt ever buy the newspaper that posted the pictures.

What the islamic people dont understand is that we have free speech, i recently talked to a muslim girl who said the pictures shouldnt have been brought and that our government should excuse that the newspaper had brought them. She claimed they had free speech too in her country, but with cencorship from the government, whereafter i had to tell her that in that case you dont have free speech.

Fact is beside racistic comments towards people in public everything is legal here. This is also why we allow people to have their own religion, and people are allowed to say they hate our prime minister and they are allowed to post pictures of any prophet they like. We even have a nazi radio station, i dont ever listened to it, but its there and its legal. Theres also extremistic islamic groups like Hitz-but-tharia(who at some time tried to get members from danish schoolyards, which was then disallowed).

I'm getting pretty annoyed with these people in countrys thousands of kilometers away from here trying to control what we are allowed to say or do in our country, and it may be slightly racist to say that i cant stop thinking about that picture shown of muhammed with a lit bomb as a turban seems so true seeing how much that part of the world tries to solve every problem with violence.

Recently i saw another cartoon/caricature of a little boy in school that had drawn a picture of muhammed like a stickman and the teacher said to him "nice drawing, but now im afraid we have to kill you". Truth and sad.