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Adunakhor DreamHack Winter 2011 Gametype(s)? Team Deathmatch
Adunakhor What mouse do you use? Logitech MX518
Adunakhor Timer direction for streams Counting Up
Adunakhor Increased Hitbox size Good
Adunakhor TDM Maps for DreamHack Summer 2011 Dreadful Place (q3shw23)
Hidden Fortress (dm20)
Intervention (osp6)
Adunakhor Shoutcaster Symposium Extraordinaire [1] disrepute
[2] vor
[3] nvc
Adunakhor QuakeLive CTF 4v4 or 5v5 ? don't care
Adunakhor Best spectator 1v1 map [1] ZTN
[2] DM13
[3] T9
[4] T7
[5] DM6
Adunakhor Least competitive duel QL map? [1] qzdm6 - Campgrounds Redux
[2] qztourney7 - Furious heights
[3] qztourney9 - The House of Decay
[4] qzdm13 - Lost World
[5] ztntourney1 - Blood Run
Adunakhor 2nd player for CB CTF All-star game ? GER_ischju
Adunakhor DevPick Servers: Apr. 16-18 Kind of fun for a while
Adunakhor Which would you Spectate? Team Deathmatch
Adunakhor Current Web Browser Opera
Adunakhor Nations Cup Choices...! TDM
Adunakhor Most suitable QL duel map [1] ZTN
[2] DM13
[3] T4
[4] CA2
[5] T7
Adunakhor What mode for QL EMS5? TDM
Adunakhor Which game mode do you play the most? Team Deathmatch
Adunakhor QL CTF Format 4v4
Adunakhor Clanbase QuakeLive TDM settings Change to Q3-ish settings
Adunakhor Do You Consider Gaming as a Sport? I think its similar, but no sport
Adunakhor Favorite gameplay based on Q3? cpma vq3
Adunakhor ESWC maps Ztn3tourney1
Adunakhor The future of OSP and VQ3 CPMA does the job
Adunakhor eSport coverage site: Your Pick ESReality
Adunakhor vq3 vs CPM, OSP vs CPMA CPMA VQ3
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