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New Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse - review (8 comments)
Posted by pyron83 @ 04:22 CST, 20 February 2019 - iMsg

Looks cool.

I remember I appreciated the old Intellimouse shape.

I'm pretty satisfied with my G203, but it doesn't mean I couldn't give a try to this mouse sooner or later (maybe when the price drops a little).
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I'm enjoying Quake Champions D: (94 comments)
Posted by pyron83 @ 06:16 CDT, 25 August 2018 - iMsg
BTW it's not horrible like many said

*netcode improved A LOT from the beta
*quake movement system is still there, more or less
*weapons are still Quake Weapons, there is not so much difference from Quake III and Live

at the time of the closed beta, it was quite a mess, but now I find it enjoyable

Discuss and troll me, do your worst :D D:
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[Logitech G100S] cannot rocjket jump (8 comments)
Posted by pyron83 @ 07:13 CST, 31 January 2016 - iMsg
I recently bought a G100S and I discovered something unusual:

with that mouse rocket jumping is much more difficult.

I'm obviously speaking with the same sensitivity of other mice (3.0@1000dpi con g100s, Abyssus 1.6@1800dpi, G300 3.0@1000dpi, Kinzuv3 1.5@2000 dpi=

If I switch back to the Abyssus MirrEd or to Kinzu v3 or to G300, the problem doesn't appear.

the only way I can RJ with the G100S is using mouseaccel

Weird weird thing...

In theory, G100S max IPS should be the same of Kinzu v3 or g300, am I wrong?

Any idea?

did someone with g100s discover a similar problem?

I can aim fine, but anything that requires flicking fast as RJ fails badly.
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DA PWN!!! (1 comment)
Posted by pyron83 @ 05:45 CDT, 16 May 2012 - iMsg
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