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zlive caster tryouts (249 comments)
Posted by Lave @ 19:01 BST, 4 August 2014 - iMsg
currently zoot is testing some casters to support him with zlive, what are your thoughts?

afaik starting today with Enjoyka (?)

clear and sharp voice, very clear and easy to understand. thats actually something i dislike about zoot and ins - sometimes they sound muffled, enjoyka on the other hand sounds crystalclear, quite the plus. i really like the chemistry of having a male+female voice as casters so thats good too. she seems quite experience with casting and quake in general as i never had the feeling she was overwhelmed by what happened or lost the overview about whats happening next or what to do.
what i didnt like: she talks a bit too much for my taste and you can really feel her beeing nervous (i guess both are related tho). i can tell that shes good at english but not so used to actually speak it; her accent is rather distinct and her way of speaking sometimes to monotonous. the basics are definitively strong tho and she may improve fast with practice. she would also need to fasten up what she says when the action requires it (at times shes to slow and misses the action, thats not only a problem of the foreign language but also the result of her constantly talking and than not having enough time to throw in some action with her voice).

overall i like her casting, needed improvement with variety in speed/loudness/emotions but lots of potential i guess.
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quakecon ctf mappool change? (18 comments)
Posted by Lave @ 06:39 BST, 28 June 2014 - iMsg
im confused here.. first there was a news by sync that new ceberon is out for ironworks and the teams all agreed on that - then a reply by cl0ck saying thats bs - then the news went blankmode - do disappear for good now.

so the mappool stays as it was or what? :o
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dear cypher (99 comments)
Posted by Lave @ 22:17 BST, 22 June 2014 - iMsg
now that you switched back to WMO (again), as a result beeing badass (again) - and im using columns here to point out that we had exactly this before...
can you PLEASE stop using that shitpile of plastic junk that is razer gaming hardware completly? i mean even from an advertising point of view its becoming totally contra productive to see you getting worse and frustrated while using their gear, going back to that 5 bog standart equipment and beeing all fine again. unless thats some intentional next level trolling you pull of there you prolly should have a talk to your sponsors so that they stop enforcing that hardware upon you (like av3k mentioned a couple of years earlier, its bad for you).

congratz for spring finals btw, cheers.
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make it cross-OS and avail on Steam... (15 comments)
Posted by Lave @ 13:16 GMT, 22 January 2014 - iMsg
now this aint just a selfish request from linux user but more of a general hint what you really should push for in my oppinion. i guess you are aware that one of your major concerns is how your product can be set apart from the huge failures of the past (shootmania, nexuiz) and also the projects that dont deserve that label but still are close to non-existant (warsow, xonotic, cube 2, openarena .. the list is endless)

to be honest at this point i have little idea why i would pick your product over - lets say warsow and xonotic which are both open source, free 2 play and available on all 3 major pc platforms. and if i was you i would ask myself the same thing; what can i do better than those projects, what are they missing?

the answer in my opinion is easy access + marketing. with easy access i mean quakelive style serverbrowsers and easy joining without version conflicts (which is actually the only reason why we all started to play this instead of its technically superiour predecessor). it also means having your friends join you - which was easy for quakelive as everyone just switched over but next to impossible for newstarters (the steamcommunity can somewhat make up for that tho). marketing on the other hand can be done by going to steam alone. you could easily ride on the current indie-game hype by offering a low cost early access product that is available on multiplatforms (which steam strongly supports, pushing for their upcoming steamOS release).

so in conclusion i wouldnt invest in map variety, textures, animations and overall content so much right now but instead in bringing it to steam and having people talk about it. i would focus on having a multiOS client ready and stable even if there were only 3 basic maps to jump around in with placeholder textures and some basic weapons. then i'd go for an early access beta, reinvest some of the money you got from optimistic supporters into faceit or whoever to host a small cup for you.

get the ball rolling, no one needs another "well done & dead shooter"
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dont miss mm's DH pictures.. (3 comments)
Posted by Lave @ 23:35 GMT, 2 December 2013 - iMsg
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DH dropouts (4 comments)
Posted by Lave @ 17:21 GMT, 25 November 2013 - iMsg
i seem to have missed all the drama - why isnt cooller going? D:
whut happened
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spawns: what if.. (45 comments)
Posted by Lave @ 08:50 BST, 5 July 2013 - iMsg
what if after a player dies - a 2D layout of the map pops out, letting him choose a spawn position himself that he will respawn at right after clicking it? and if he doesnt do that within the usual respawn time then he just gets the random forced respawn.

in addition same map overlay could be used right after both players ready up to let them drop enemy firstspawn positions in a alternating way - with the game starting when only 2 positions are left.
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How is CA elo even calculated? (34 comments)
Posted by Lave @ 09:52 GMT, 24 March 2013 - iMsg
im curious how elo in CA works because i tried to understand the system behind it and failed hard so far. i was under the impression that its a simple "your teams average elo compared to the enemys teams elo" or "your individual elo vs every elo in the other team".. but that cannot be true

yesterday for example i won a match on brimstone abbey and got 29+ elo for that, so pretty much. what puzzles me is that im on elo 1625 while my opponents in that match where 1286, 1098, 1415, 1217.
my first thought were "ok maybe were my teammates so weak" - 843, 1349, 1649.

so my team was actually higher (and in fact it was a totally onesided game). only 1 player of my team was way lower than the rest. i checked his qlranks profile and since he with only 843 elo did the 2nd most damage in the map with a +1 net in kill:deaths i expected his elo to skyrocket

he gain +14 for defeating way stronger opponents with positive net and high damage. while i get +29 for only 800 more damage over 10 rounds against -200 elo enemys.

someone plz enlighten me
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Re: av3k 1on1 2/3: the elite four (No comments)
Posted by Lave @ 11:56 BST, 21 August 2011 - iMsg
it was cooller who said jibo would never win something. thats to ballsy of a line for cypher anyway ;)
no hes not inactive. competed at DH2011 tdm. not playing THAT much tho
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so what happened to juven1le? (15 comments)
Posted by Lave @ 11:22 BST, 16 August 2011 - iMsg
did he retired after the average dreamhack result or something?
the guys got like 6h played in the last month. until DH he and metsu were all over the place and now i dont hear anything
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