This is an original post :) and I'm sure that some of you are thinking that its not really something I should post on here but I was just curious as to what people who don't know me personaly would think of the situation.
Ok, I'll keep this as short as possible.
Right, me and my girl friend had been together for just short of 4 years. During this time we had no problems what so ever, we never ever argued or anything like that. We were deeply in love constantly. Now, when we got together, I was 19 and she was 16. Now we're 22 and 19.
Its hard to keep the break up part short but I'll try my best. Right, two mondays ago she asked me for some time - a few days without seeing me so she could think. Up until this time we were totaly fine and nothing had changed. During this time she was taking here A - levels and was pretty stressed. Anyway, I started to panic at the thought of losing her and I contaced her the following 2 days to which she put up no resistance to see me. On the second day I went to see her at her friends (she'd gone to her friends to revise because her room was full of things I'd bought her and she couldn't think of anything but me). When I got to her she was crying already. We talked for a while and almost everything I said was just indirectly begging her to give us a second chance. We'd been so perfect and happy for so long. She told me that we may have grown apart a little - which is fair enough, and she said I'm thinking of Uni (because shes off to Uni in a few months - about 30/40 minutes down the motorway) and I think we may struggle through Uni so I think its best that we split up. You've gotto understand - she can and did talk to me about anything but it was killing her to say this, she was crying heavily. I said a few things to try and talk her round but she'd made her decission. So I said something like - well, if thats how you feel then we have to split up (deeply upset and crying my-self by now). We talked about the good times for another hour and both balled our eyes out, then I left.
Before I left she asked me if I wanted her to contact me in a few weeks because she wanted to be best friends and at least still see each other to which I agreed but obviously didn't really want it, it was just a deperate life line to hang onto. A few days past and I sent her a text saying, I'm missing you please can we see each other as friends this weekend - if you want to leave it longer its no problem. She replied with, come see me at 1 on saturday. Saturday came and we met up at her place and we literaly just sat in each others arms and talked for 5 straight hours. During this time I didn't ask for her back but again I sort of indirectly asked her to give us a second chance. We had a good day saturday, we both seemed happy for the first time since the split. At the end of the day she said to me, I've enjoyed today whilst giving me a hug. The next day she moved back to her friends and told me she wanted more time and space. I haven't contacted her since but she promised she'd contact me eventualy and I know she will. So its been 5 days apart, it seems like a month. Her exams are done with now and her mums expecting her home tomorrow (saturday).
Up until yesterday I'd written us off - I thought I'd not given her enough space and thought I'd fucked it up big style. But yesterday I spoke to one of her close friends and she reminded me of how much she loved me and she told me that shes in a proper mess at the minute. This gave me a little hope, which is a good thing and a bad thing.
To start with, when she contacted me I was going to say, listen, if we are to move on I can't see you again - not as a friend so I'd like to spend one last day with you and then we'll say our good byes. But now, after yesterday, I was thinking of saying, I need to know, do you think that there may be a chance (however small) that one day we may get back together? and if so, why don't we give each other more time and space - a few more weeks and have another talk at the end of it?
I see so many relationships break down because of arguing and /or being unfaithful etc and they always seem to give it a second chance - I'm not just saying it but we were perfect together, we were so happy and we both always wanted to see each other. It seems like such a big thing and such a massive waste not to give it a second chance.
Everyone I've spoken to who know us can't believe its happened and have all said something along the lines of, "you got together when she was very young and maybe she feels like she wants to live a little and be with her friends. But that will only last a short time and at the end of it you may get back together, you may not". I've heard this from so many people there has to be a little truth in it.
Sorry for the long read - I hope this isn't too serious of a thing so's not to get any replys :)
I'm not asking for advice but I would like to know your views on this situation?