I have to report publicly that I have been banned on official account from diabotical discord and most likely will be banned from game as well.

All is because the kid (2GD) maker of childobotical and degeneratobotical and diabethical, which is a projection of his childish insecurities in retarded stickers over an awfully disgusting eggbot design got overly butthurt while reading ESR.

Many people read ESR even if they don't participate in any discussions here, due to having no guts, thick skin or spirit bravery.

So there is a cringe retarded thread made by some 2gd fanboi, called

"2GD teaches Zenaku how to be a pro in quake"

My call to reality saying that both 2GD and Zenaku's, are not pros, and nobody knows who they are and what is their level in quake, its nowhere near any pro level, made 2GD so much butthurt, that he went on his discord and banned Sanchez.

Despite the Lord not even being on his Discord at the time of the ban.

He made the ban silently, which again confirms his childish and unprofessional nature.

As for Diabotical as you all know when it is gonna release they will announce a tournaments with a "significant" in quake terms prizepool taken from Epic sponsorship.
2GD tries his best to take all this money for himself and his friends.
Because while most people out there in July 2020 still have no access to this game, 2GD friends have been grinding it for several years already, and are actively preparing for any tournaments and maps that will be coming on official money events.

For other issues with Cringebotical watch our official beta testing review