Date : May 15 - 17
Place : Online
When : Starts at 2PM CET // 8AM ET
Stream A : (days 1, 2 & 3)
Stream B : (days 1 & 2)

Because of coronavirus, the majority of upcoming events happening in the world have been cancelled (including QuakeCon 2020). It is a small consolation, but at least the Quake Pro League tournaments will still be played, with the finals happening online instead of at LAN.

Official news :
You can check the stage 3 standings and results here.
You can check the stage 3 finals brackets here.

United Kingdom GaRpY, Estonia cnz, and Canada GNiK are all back, coming from the challenger league, and are also joined by Argentina maxter.

And all the regulars will of course be there as well : United States of America rapha, Germany k1llsen, Hungary Raisy, United States of America DaHanG, Italy vengeurR, Russia Cooller, Sweden toxjq, United States of America psygib, Belarus cYpheR, Russia baSe, Canada cha1n, Brazil nosfa, Poland Av3k, United States of America dramiS, Sweden Spart1e, United States of America dooi, United States of America Effortless, Ukraine Xron, United States of America sib, Australia ZenAku

A title is at stake, and I'm sure you've all the reasons to be at home, so grab a snack, and tune in for some intense action.