This story is from year 2017, when I was taking a long rest from any competetive play and decided to venture into the realm of mmorpgs.Chosing the most hardcore chinese mmorpg with non-target aim system and one of the most complex dungeon system. I thought about taking it ez but eventually it went as usual.

For playing MMO the new alter-ego was formed, Neirong, the mage. Later named God of War Neirong by everyone on the server.

Gaming server had about 10.000+ active players, a bit more than qc and all other quakes combined, so to speak. MMORPGs are highly competetive games that have advanced miles from where it was when WoW first came online.

The start.

In about 2-3 weeks from server start, Neirong has become officially the top 1 magus of the server, by power ranking. Thus the legend was born. Since then he held this top 1 position all the time. The gap between top 1 and top 2 was so immense that even after leaving the game, nobody retook the 1 place ranking in 4 months time period.

However, you cannot just go and own everyone solo in a mmorpg game, that is why we have created KP (constant party), 10 man party whom I have raised and trained and they all eventually became top 1 top 2 in their respective classes on the whole server. Strategy + dedication + guidance of an expert + playing in party and learning from master.

We easily acquired top 1 achievement in clearing the most hardcore dungeons far before anyone on the server did.

What happened next was completely insane, I have came up with a plan of absolute server wreckage, we by one const party acquired control over the whole world bosses loot farm of the whole server. Resources that normally went to the whole server or their respective top guilds, went to just our party.

We were having a place / using a tag of RED, multigaming massive community, a guild of 300 members. But once RED administrators crossed our path, we have destroyed em, demolished, they had to quit the game and abandon their project in Revelation.

Once the RED was destroyed, I have came up with a plan of absolute server domination, secretly contacting several best KP's on the server and building an elite guild of 40 players. (Average guild had 100+ members).

That guild was named Evil Empire and Neirong was the hidden overlord of it. The GuildMaster was my an insider from my side, when he stole money from whole guild and took the blame for it. I had all the benefits possible without doing any work myself. The true manipulator always stays in the shadows.

The talents of being sly, cunning, cuttthroat, ruthless, coldblooded, thinking 100 steps ahead of everyone else, it all took form into this absolute domination.

Beyond resources farm and pvp domination, we also had a widescale ecominic speculation / trading running in the game bringing in millions in everyday profits. I was literally getting about 100$ daily from the game.

This is pvp battlefield, when my new project EE with 35 man goes like knife into butter into hordes of enemies.

PvP for world bosses was normally uncontested, the only one who put a fight was an oligarch Betterz, who donated into game by various calculations atleas 20.000 euroz. And he only dared to contest us at 5 am moscow time, when our guild's online was lowest, but I was waiting for him, and he never won vs Neirong.

There was a single occasion of going with advanced group into dungeon, and that was insane outdpsing by Neirong, with tank losing all the built up aggro within 1 sword throw. There was literally a problem of a server not having anyone capable of tanking vs this kind of dps.

The time went further and we ascended to the Apex of power.
Here is the demo of 3 gods fighting vs 3 average guilds 35 people each, it is literally a fight 3vs100 and we held the point through the war.

Neirong was getting more and more famous by oneshotting people / whole raids.

Top 3 server dps with insane apm.

There was a grand server boss spawning once a week on 10pm time. That day Neirong have come at 1am, joined the boss killing raid, and killed everyone inside the raid, guys were oneshotted without realizing what killed em. When they realised it was too late, and boss recovered its full hp. From 2am to 7am, I have kept anyone from killing the boss, until people just gave up cursing.

Server wide PvP.
Those were a battles for castle / zones control going on once a week and taking 2 hour time. The strong guilds were able to hold 1 location / castle, the dominant guilds 2 or even 3 sometimes.
But we held 6. 6-7 every time. We held more than half of worldwide locations. Nobody ever did that in this game on any server. Our war ability was unmatched and 5 people could fight vs 50, destroy them and then teleport to other point and do so many times before the timelimit end.

Cross Server PvP.
The server we have played one was the youngest and in such games, the older the server the more farm / resources you had for development the stronger you are. But it was all diffferent for us, we had a full set of stones that almost nobody had even on the old server. Because we plundered resources from whole server, and allocated them for a small group of elites.

Our last KP was insanely powerful, we breezed through hardest dungeons, majority of players could not even clear, in a dominant fashion breaking all rules, guides and mechanics of the game.

Tbh, anyone who dared to show any disrespect to God Neirong in the chat was instantly murdered / pked in game. Did not take more than one sword falling from heaven to kill an average player, ranked lower than top 30 server.

Eventually people could not take it anymore, whole guilds were disbanding, people were quitting the server by 100 each day and joining new server, because they had no chance at anything in this game. There were hundreds of people wanting to join our guild just to not get daily owned by us.

One of the most successful business was selling temporary tickets of a guild member for pvp benefits. The guys payed some cash to enter our guild for one day, and were kicked right after getting pvp benefits.