Hey everyone!

I'm considering starting an eSports team in the UK, primarily for CS:GO and then branching out to other games once the company has gained traction.

My proposed route to doing this is to build a social media following and then launch a website similar to this one, all whilst saving up to send a team to a few LANs and build a name. I already have quite a bit of money to do this already, but I think the proof of concept could be better developed by the social media following and the website to help generate interest.

A couple of questions:

Has anyone here done something like this? If so, any advice on how to establish yourself?

How much do you think you would need to start a team without initial sponsors? (I'm willing to put 20,000 into this at the beginning)

Do you think my proposed route is optimal? The other route I was thinking was to approach sponsors with a vision for the company (the vision is to establish an image that drives away the stigma of gamers as 'losers' and promote an image of healthy gamers who enjoy travelling, partying etc. This is why I feel the social media following would be ideal)

Any critiques, constructive or otherwise, will be embraced :)