Been playing without mouse acceleration for 15 years.

But recently (most likely due to my extremely advanced age), I find myself having pains/aches in the underarm. The hand and wrist are fine.

I'm at the point where I'm considering having to quit FPS games entirely.

So, I was thinking switching to using mouse acceleration would, at the very least, have me use my underarm a lot less.

I watched tox play on Twitch. He does very little movement with his hand, and seems nearly never to move his underarm.

I'm thinking using acceleration might extend my FPS gaming 'career' another decade.

So, here the question:

Which acceleration values would you recommend I start with?

I have no idea where to start. I messed around with it today... Holy fek, I couldn't even move around the map, regardless which settings I used.

To those of you who play QC with acc, could you please share which values you have set these at:

Mouse Sensitivity:
Mouse Acceleration:
Mouse Acceleration Offset:
Sensitivity Cap:

Also, do you change Mouse Yaw and Pitch?