Clan arena did not ruin quake. How did this POV come about? Or how about ctf being just another mod that “separates” the population? How? Last I checked ctf is still a highly desirable game type. If a game is unpopulated people will generally apply practicality to the situation and join simpler game types. That’s it.

The only one fucking reason the player base gets separated is devs failing to produce quake equivalent with all the bells and whistles. The bells and whistles do not include capped speed, limited game types, limited cfg and/or console commands, et cetera. They DO include every major mod previous quake games had fully restored and available, new and old maps freely available (I would even pay a subscription for those two). And how about including ability to modify and contribute to the game? Both public and corporate run servers was a worthy idea as well from QL. Basically everything previous quake game had to offer. And we won’t leave our coop gameplay either.

That is what would have kept the community together.