they cried about my 100GB of bullshit when downloading porn games, even though i have downloaded alot more over the past 10 years, with doom and all its patches and other steam game updates every month +youtube, gaming and other bollox

EE and t-mobile are now 100% british telecom and aint worth shit , so I get 3 card with 30GB and 4G,

it took under a year for BT to make EE bankrupt, like the never ending entire history of BT that just makes everything a joke and bankrupt, the wankers have never succeeded in any business deal BT has been involved in, ever

netflix, itunes, history channel, and deezer are all data free on a 3 advanced plan, so its pay as you go or just go motherfucker, and you can use it in 71 countries, £18 a month on a 12 month "contract" or £27 end anytime, all sim only, and pick your own number if you go into a shop and get a sim