The Americas Promode Conference has finally concluded! Congratulations to all players! For a complete look at the final head on over to the VOD found here for part 1 (click here for the first 2 hours of CPM casting) and here for part 2 (click here for 6 more hours of CPM) casted by the incredible and magnanimous United States of America Jehar and the team, also featuring the great CPMA community member United States of America pan1c as co-host.

*There was an optional survey that players took who participated in this event. The results of this survey are reflected in the Players Survey Results and the analysis is quite interesting to those who may wish to run an event in the future.
*In addition I've included a short section about our Division 1 winner United States of America vdmk (as well as a short section about our Division 2 winner Argentina ATP).

Congrats United States of America vdmk for rising above the thirty-one other players who competed in this 5 week long tournament that began on Sunday, March 11 2018 and ended on Sunday, April 15 2018.

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