Why is quake so dead in 2018? like for real all my homies moved on to other games =[

we used to have a bunch of wild mofos down @ lan everyday back in 2001 we used to smoke weed, sip lean, play quake 3 CTF, tdm and DUELS for hours then go hustle on some bitches and we did this FOR YEARS
u feel me mane? the GOLDEN ERA OF QUAKE 2001-2007 we had the life continued with my businesses for some time with quake live and some other FPS games but it was never the same as the GOLDEN ERA so that was like 2007 - 2017 and now we are HERE

in the present times =[ the death of quake i can smell the corpse but nobody wants to acknowledge it

everyone is moving on and all the reel niqqas either dead or in jail
sometimes i feel like the blunt is my only friend

what the fuck happened to quake??
we used to stand for something
we used to mean something
i believe it is really over...

what will the yung generation do?

what are your thoughts?
*hits tha blunt*
peace (Y)
lil fizzy