first off i want to make it known that i do appreciate the effort that went into making the cpma engine, and the flexibility it gives users over ioq3 in regards to customization.

it may seem otherwise due to my increasing anger with what's going on here, but i'm just extremely frustrated and have lost quite a bit of sleep trying to make this run properly.

however i am only using cpma as a means to an end, to get around ioq3's lack of custom hud support, and lack of cpma/reflex movement physics. i am working on a quake champions-like mod for q3, and i need a more versatile engine that i can customize. and i'm not a coder and don't have the skill to write an engine specifically for my mod, and i know of no other engine that allows for cpm movement and a flexible hud.

my specs, to rule out me having a crappy system::
-i7 2600k clocked at 4.5 cooled by corsair h50
-gtx 1060 6gb @ 2100 blower
-16gb ddr3 hyperx fury dual channel

in cpma there are quite a few issues that i feel need addressed.
first off, there doesn't seem to be any modern implementation of ioq3's new renderer, or ogl drivers that comes with the install, as none are present in the zip. this makes me wonder how, in 2018, this is not a feature but ioq3 has already addressed it. why?

this mod seems to be directed toward multiplayer server hosted gameplay, however that definitely isn't entirely disclosed, but the mod behaves that way, i say this due to the intense frame dropping when running renderer-heavy graphics in sp scenarios where i'm loading multiple bots. hell, even with just one bot it lags straight to hell. this is extremely frustrating, especially since ioq3 stays pegged at 144 running the exact same baseq3.

this "pro mode" concept seems to invoke the idea that making things easier to see makes you a better player.
..i've disabled that so that player models show their actual skins, i couldn't be more oppositional toward this, as being able to hit darker targets actually makes you more op, because it's harder.
however i do like that users have the ability to change it to their preference.

and a few features that i really dislike, and would like to disable asap:

1) those semi transparent spawn points. they are useless to me, and consume resources. they aren't present in q3, and i definitely don't need anything showing me where players spawn, because i don't care.

2)whatever is overriding the grenades and their smoke trail from my hd pak files. i cannot stand these cpma grenades and smoke trail, i'm completely fine with the grenades i want, not the cartoonish grenades that cpma thinks i should be forced into using.

3)the rocket launcher smoke trail. same situation as above, in my hd pak files, the rl smoke trail looks realistic, and i really like it. whereas in cpma, it looks cartoonish and fake, i cannot stand it, but i cannot figure out how to make it go away.

4)no true widescreen support for 16:9 aspect. come on guys, it's 2018, and even ioq3 (which you claim to be superior to) has addressed this years ago with the 4k version whcih utilizes the new renderer.

5)cpma lightning. i had to actually copy the images over to the z-cpma-pak150.pk3 to keep it from overriding my preferred lightning color, which is green with the green energy at the tip of the beam.

6) stop making cpma dominant over pk3 files, make it load and behave like a normal ioq3 client in this regard. if you have a pk3 file that contains identical filenames, then that pk3 file should override cpma. it makes it a huge pain in the ass sorting out why your preferred items aren't loading the way you want them to as they simply do in ioq3. if there was an ioq3 with customizable huds and cpm movement, i'd just use it, but their isn't.

7)stop forcing users to use your bot code, or at least give them the option to use baseq3 bot code instead. there really is no need for them, they don't perform well. they do stupid things like stand in one spot until you get close to them. they definitely do not perform the same as pak0.pk3 bots. even my add-in bots to stupid things, but they don't in ioq3.
i ended up deleting every model and botfile from the cpma pak BEFORE i found out there was a command to do the obvious (disable forcing player models), which definitely wasn't obvious and i only found that after hours of research and stumbled across it. this should be an option in the menu, along with many other things that should be options in the menu. if there's one thing that's annoying about the quake community, it's this false ideology that you're special because you do everything from a terminal, which is nonsense because the same thing can simply be accomplished by adding those features to the menu. life is short, let's not make it take any longer than necessary. yes i know how to use the terminal, however it's just a means to an end since certain commands are not in submenu's.

8)the main menu logo image. can you please make the engine so it supports widescreen images? it's not 2006 anymore, it would be nice to simply swap in a 1920x1080 image and not have it stretch to some archaic aspect ratio. example is uploaded in this rant.

9)please fix this annoying restriction against using .png files. it's really nice when the .png files in my pk3's that i'm using as medals show up with a clear background in ioq3. however, it's quite angering when they show up with black backgrounds in cnq3.

10)please for the love of god fix the 3d attacker icon issue. hud editors want to display the image in 3d, just like vanilla q3, but for some odd reason, cpma just refuses to do so no matter what i try.

the way i see it, if there's a client out there that is more geared toward what i want, will an experienced person who understand my concerns please kindly point me in the right direction?????
or if promode cares, address these issues.