So, I made this thread to know more about rapha's playstyle, his strenghts, his weaknesses, his settings and what makes him so good at quake overall.
I will give you my opinion on this subject, but I want your opinions too. Let's all contribute to this thread please :), thank you.

Here we go.

Razer Abyssus v2, 800dpi, 500hz, 20cm/360°, default small + crosshair (the white one with black outlines), FOV 116/126? (116 = 100 @QL; 126 = 110 @QL), 144hz 144fps cap.

- outsmarting most of his opponents
- always getting the best positions to make aiming easier for him and harder for his opponents, and to always give rooms to escape a potential fight loss, or give rooms to finish off an opponent that tries to escape a lost fight attempt; or even to be first on a major item
- items timings, near to perfection, to the second and that with multiple items (mainly the major ones)
- decisions making, always making the best possible decisions, like going from a point A to B for example, 5 steps ahead of most of his opponents, very calculated decisions, nothing random, most of his decisions can give him an advantage over most of his opponents
- knows very well to both play in control and out of control
- god-tier dodges, along with cooller and cypher, but using them in a pretty different way/style than them
- experience, lots and lots of quake experience

- raw aim not at the level of toxjq, xron, raisy, clawz or even DaHaNG
- sometimes tends to overthink, while the opponent can just make a rather stupid move and surprise him
- gives too much respect to some of his opponents, making him lose some confidence, making him play too cautiously at time
- tendency to think about quake like if it were chess, sometimes forgets that combat-skills alone can make a difference, sometimes not relying to them enough (because his combat-skills are underrated)
- needs more time to adapt to different playstyles than most of the pros, too used to cypher cooller and DaHaNG playstyles
- have a tendency to adapt to his opponents playstyles rather than imposing his own playstyle and force the opponents to adapt to that instead

BEST WEAPONS (in order of effectiveness):
1°) RL (god-tier)
2°) RG (top-tier)
3°) LG (good)

1°) NG/SNG/PLASMA (top-tier)
2°) SSG/SG (excellent)
3°) HMG/MG (good)


With all that said, I'm curious about how he would describe himself, how he would rate himself. I remember at some rather old interview that he described cooller as a boa constrictor/pacman, but what does he thinks about himself ?

What do you guys think about rapha ? Is his aim underrated ? Is he really THAT smart ? What made him so successfull at quake according to you guys ? Do you like his playstyle ? According to you guys, is he worth to take inspiration from, or are players like toxjq for example much more worth it ?