I'm trying to create a hud for cpma.
I've tried creating my own, and using others' as templates.
however, I'm having a serious issue with the hud system.

I cannot get it to behave like vanilla q3 and simply display my player icon, and my attacker icon in 3d, like it does in vanilla q3.

this is extremely annoying and frustrating, and I've spent hours grinding away at it to no avail.
the only option that I've found, which is absolutely retarded, is that I have to specify which head md3 and skin file to use, which upon doing do displays the players head icon in 3d.

however, this means I have to create a different fucking hud for each player I use. this cannot be right, it cannot be thats stupid of a design.. original vanilla q3 even does this, so with the advanced features of cpma, how could this limitation be overlooked or even possible?

I'm in the process of creating a quake champions style hud for my cpma build, but I can't do anything at all with a hud that won't display my player model and my attacker model as anything but a 2d icon. unless I'm just inexperienced with editing, the way it works seems downright stupid ass hell.

so what am I doing wrong???
I find it hard to believe that I'm not doing anything wrong and that the hud system is that stupid, so please if anyone can help I really need it. Of course I've already been all over google and there's nothing to be found.

I'm good on everything else, and have everything how I want it mostly, but I'm stuck at this 3d model issue.

the image shown is basically the hud I've been trying to copy, but it's for quake live. I've got all the assets from QC:DE hud that are identical to QC to work with so I'm good there.